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Clean, shiny and a well-maintained flooring can create a welcoming environment to your future and existing clients. Over time  flooring may begin
to lose its luster becoming dull and discoloured. If this is happening it is time to strip the old wax finish and apply new wax coating.
At Urbina Enterprises Inc we know how to choose the best stripper for your floor type as not all floors are created equal.
We ensure that not only will you floor look great but will also add to the overall feel of the room and look clean and beautiful at all times. 

Benefits of Stripping and Waxing
Prevent scratches
When we strip and wax your floors not only will the existing scratches be removed it will add a protective
layer that will shield the floor from sustaining scratches. 
Prevent Tile Lifting
Floor tiles are exposed to the forces of water and debris, which won't just affect their aesthetics, but can cause them to lift. Water can get in through
the cracks, weaken the glue and make the tile lose and shaky on the floor. Once Urbina Enterprises Inc has waxed the floor, all cracks will be
blocked and water will not be able to waterlog the glue thus the tile will not lift and will stay intact. 
Prevent Discolouration and Staining
Without proper stripping and waxing, constant traffic will make the shine and colour very dull. With a protective coating of wax the beauty
of the floor will continue to maintained and traffic will have less effect. 
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