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Urbina Enterprises Inc provides commercial janitorial services for:

Shopping Malls and Complexes
Department Stores
Retail Stores and Outlets
Strip Malls
The Importance of Keeping Shopping and Retail Areas Clean

Urbina Enterprises Inc understands that clean and orderly retails centers set the tone for a positive customer experience. 
Customers are instinctively attracted to a well-organized and sanitary environment and are more likely to purchase items from a 
store that is well-kept. Dirty or messy shopping areas can shorten browsing time and keep buyers from discovering what you have to offer. 
Cleanliness is linked to retail success
Image is vital in the retail industry. Knowledgeable owners and managers focus on marketing and pricing strategies to attract
customers and also realize that cleanliness plays an important role for increasing sales and profits. Shoppng centers and malls face
specific cleaning and janitorial issues with regard to the proper maintenance and cleanliness of food courts and managing
unsanitary conditions created from general food consumption and litter. Routine cleaning and upkeep is a key factor in maintaining
customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
Urbina Enterprises Inc cleaning services for
shopping centers include:
Litter removal Graffiti removal
Escalator cleaning Outdoor landscaping
Façade structure cleaning Entrance and exit cleaning
Food court janitorial services Window and skylight cleaning
Trash collection and disposal Carpet cleaning and vacuuming
Cleaning and polishing of high traffic floors Stripping and sealing of vinyl floors
High pressure cleaning for parking lots, concrete areas and Sanitization and deodorization of toilets and restrooms
general exterior  
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