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Providing expert construction clean-up services at any stage of the building process. Urbina Enterprises Inc provides services, both residential
renovation clean-up operations and post-construction maintenance for contractors in the region.
Construction Clean-Up: Not Just Another Janitorial Service

Urbina Enterprises Inc post-construction cleaning is not about ordinary dusting and mopping. Our experienced and skilled cleaning
team routinely handles large loads of debris along with both the typical and unexpected cleaning requirements of busy building
contractors. Experts at removing adhesives, ecologically reponsible trash disposal, and the removal of heavy dust from every
surface, corner and crevice. We pride ourselves on the reliable services we offer in all areas.
Flexible Post Construction Clean-Up
Whether requirements include continuous on-site cleaning services throughout the building process, or cleaning up only when a
project is complete. Urbina Enterprises Inc crews are extremely competent at getting the interior and exterior of a newly built
structure cleaned up, on schedule. Flexibility, initiative and qualified know-how are the hallmarks of our success. We strive to
consistently meet the demands of small and large building firms. 
Construction cleaning checklist:
Vacuuming Dust ceilings
Clean walls (dust, smudges, scuffmarks, dirt) Dust handrails, mantels, and all woodwork and cabinetry
Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, doors and frames Cabinets, closets, drawers and shelves - inside and out cleaning
Remove paint, mud, and debris from all surfaces Clean exterior and interior brick and stone masonry
Exterior cleaning / Landscaping / Concrete Floor cleaning, waxing, buffing, sealing
Windows - sticker removal, track and frame cleaning Light fixtures / electrical switches / outlets
Ventilation systems cleaning / Heating and cooling / Fans Construction site cleaning according to requirements
Pressure washing Trash disposal
Choose the construction cleaning experts who understand your requirements. Free estimates and reasonable rates.
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