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High speed burnishing continues to be the most efficient method used to maintain a high gloss shine on floors. Advances in equipment, pads and polymer technology have made high speed floor care easier than ever before. 

DEFINITION: An abrasive polishing process that makes a rough, non-reflective, surface into a smooth, highly light reflective (glossy) surface. This is accomplished with machinery that moves an abrasive pad at high rotational speeds making the process highly effective and efficient.

Benefits of Burnishing Floors
Burnishers look similar to buffers but are much heavier, which provides added pressure to produce a wet-look shine.
operate in a straight line and the engines are more complex to produce higher speeds,
resulting in a better finish. Burnishers can run up to 2500 rpm!
Glossy for Longer
Burnishing keeps a higher acceptable level of glossiness for longer. Due to the pressure and effectiveness of the treatment, your floor will stay
shiny even in high traffic areas. This means you will not have to have your floors done as often as using other methods. 
Quicker Process
Burnishing is less time intensive than a full restoration strip so you are back to having great floors sooner with less
interruption to your business. This will save you money and extend the lifetime of your flooring material. 
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