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Scheduled Cleaning Service In Mid-West Alberta


Urbina Enterprises Inc Cleaning: Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly Services

A consistent cleaning schedule might be the last item on the packed to-do lists of today's busy householder. Urbina Enterprises Inc
cleaning services  can relieve the added strain of maintenance and housekeeping duties with our comprehensive cleaning plans
that can be customized according to your needs on either a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.
Not sure what schedule works best for you? Check out these suggested guidelines:
Weekly Cleaning
For those who require a high standard of cleanliness, weekly cleaning packages keep your home or office consistently fresh and immaculate. Ideal for homes or offices with family members or employees who suffer from allergies or other sensitive conditions, weekly cleaning can help to alleviate symptoms and plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy environment. Weekly cleaning is also beneficial for homes with pets and is well suited to those with hectic schedules that require frequent travel. Weekly visits from our reliable and efficient Urbina Enterprises Inc cleaning staff is an investment that always results in a happier and more relaxed work and home environment. 
Bi-Weekly Cleaning 
Bi-weekly services are an ideal cleaning option for singles, the elderly or those with no children or pets. Urbina Enterprises Inc can provide a deeper cleaning regimen for clients who opt to clean twice a month. 
Monthly Clean-Ups

Urbina Enterprises Inc's monthly cleaning option provides thorough and deep cleaning at an economic rate. For those who maintain  their own regular cleaning routine but requires some extra assistance with heavier household cleaning tasks, this option provides deep cleaning that covers every area in your home or as required. 

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